The process of the biopsy is quite uncomfortable. You are lying on the table in a dark room and the ultrasound technician, with the use of a wand, projects the right spot on the screen for the doctor to go in with a pretty wide needle to first aspirate a piece of the identified tissue and then insert what they call a marker. A small metal piece, in my case the letter U and one in the shape of a traffic light. The marker is left at the place where they removed a piece of tissue. They do this so, if it’s cancer, the surgeon will know exactly where to locate it. 

I have a bump, a traffic light and the letter U in my right boob and it might be cancer….

It takes about 24 hours to get the lab results. The waiting is excruciating. You jump every time the phone rings. 

On July 25th 2017 at 3pm I get a call from the radiologist to inform me I have, what is called an invasive ductal carcinoma: Breast Cancer

I have a bump in the boob and it is CANCER. 

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