Step away from Google

If you type “breast cancer” in the Google search bar within seconds it will give you 526,000,000 (yes, that’s 526 million) results.

Google is a beautiful tool and it can make you absolutely crazy if you allow yourself. There are so many different stories of survivors, each with their own approach on how they faced the disease, there is a lot to learn and…

I needed to find my own journey going through this process, building on the knowledge of others.

Of course, immediately following the diagnosis I was on Google trying to make sense of it all. I quickly realized I wasn’t helping myself. It created a lot of anxiety and stress, all kinds of “what-if” scenarios raced through my mind.

I choose to think of Google as a tool and friend to help me through the process. Instead of Googling “survival rates”, “will I die?”, or “does it hurt?” I typed “what do I need to know when I visit my surgical oncologist?”. Google answered right away with lists and lists of questions to ask and very useful tips in preparation for your first visit. Make sure to write down all your questions and take pen and paper so you can write down the answers!

I asked Google many more of these types of questions and Google always answered with information that would prepare me for the next step in the process.

Google is tempting, it’s like the siren song that keeps on calling. It’s like a drug, you just want more and you know it can be dangerous and not helpful. I was constantly being mindful of this and choosing not to give into it.

Be warned, use Google wisely!

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