A bump in the boob

I have always had large breast, and when I say large, I mean the XL size in breast 36G. They started growing when I was about 12 years old and it felt like every year, they would be a little larger.

I played some tennis as a child, but nothing anywhere near competitive. It was probably not for more than a few years. I picked up a racket again in 2005 while working at Club Med, a French resort company that brought us the all-inclusive vacations. I continued playing for fun as I moved to Miami in 2006. I joined a local USTA league and continued to improve my game. We even made it to Nationals in 2014!

Try to imagine playing tennis with 2 cantaloupe melons glued to your chest…you probably get the picture.

In 2015 I decided to have a breast reduction. I sought out a local plastic surgeon, who proposed a new way of reducing them without scars. In essence, what he did was remove the fat that had built around my breast through liposuction. In preparation for the surgery, I had to go through a number of test including a MRI with contrast fluids to ensure my breast did not have any abnormalities. Everything came up clean.

Fast forward to 2017. After the reduction, my breast felt different to the touch. Mainly because the fat layer was gone and I could feel the milk ducts and breast texture through my skin so when I felt a little bump while taking a shower, I didn’t think much of it.

It felt like there was a little pea or bean below my skin, maybe the size of a peanut.

I was due for my annual pap smear at my gynecologist and he also did a breast exam. I mentioned the bump and he said, just to be sure, why don’t you have a mammogram.  It’s probably nothing. You’re 40, young and I don’t expect anything. It’s probably an inflamed milk duct.

I arrived at the women’s center and was scheduled for a mammogram and ultrasound (dense breast tissue). The mammogram didn’t show anything.

In the ultrasound room, the technician focused on the area of the bump and was able to see several little spots. In addition, there was another area of concern under my arm (right breast close to my arm pit). What!

They ordered a biopsy for the next day.

I have a bump in the boob, and it might be cancer….

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