PET/CT Scan scare

I had initially done a PET scan when I was first diagnosed. The PET scan is a full body scan to see if there is any cancer visible in your body.

You have to drink a special smoothie that is very high in sugar, which is what cancer cells respond to. The PET scan is a very expensive procedure and the insurance companies don’t always approve the scan; my oncologist proposed a different scan.

During one of my scans prior to my reconstruction surgery, my liver had shown a small lesion. We were now a year later, and the doctor ordered the scan again to make sure there were no changes. The liver is a common place where breasts cancer can metastasize.

Prior to the CT scan I had to drink two smoothies as specific times prior to the appointment and at the time of the appointment I would also be hooked up to an IV so they could insert contract fluids. The CT scan was from my chest down to my pelvic area and everything in between.

After waiting for two agonizing days, I got a call from a private number on my phone. I normally don’t answer private numbers, but something told me I should answer. It was my oncologist. She had never called me directly and I had to sit down. This was unusual.

The CT scan results were in and my liver was fine, but there was an issue with my right kidney. 

This was at the same time I was going through the process of the new found lump in my breast (see previous blog post).

The next step after the CT scan was an ultrasound to investigate my kidney. Another appointment made. At this point I am on first name basis with the technician, I knew the name of her baby boy and her plans for her next vacation.

Before the ultrasound you need to drink 32oz of water one hour prior to the procedure and you cannot empty your bladder. During the ultrasound, the tech will ask you to do to the bathroom to empty your bladder, but the first part of the procedure is with a full bladder. This can be a bit uncomfortable.

More waiting ensued. Finally, I got an email from my oncologist. Everything was fine. Nothing unusual with my kidneys. What a relief. It has been a very stressful three weeks.

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